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Real Estate Management Software

Property Listing Management Software for Real Estate Agents


Convenience, no hassle, a simple, proven system that works for YOU.

  • You’ll convert more of your visitors into leads
  • NO software installation, nothing to download
  • Manage YOUR listings through a Web site
  • You Keep your sold listings on your site
  • You never again wait hours or days for your web developer to update your site.
  • Built in forms with automatic lead generation and management
  • You make changes to your listings instantly and free of charge
  • Pay as you go, no contract, no risk, and no BS.
  • You edit your own listings instantly from anywhere... find out how

This system was developed exclusively for you. Our software developers are real estate specialists, working continuously to improve the tools giving maximum advantage to you.

You take advantage of these features:

  • Mortgage calculator build right into the listing
  • External link area to add PDF's or other links
  • Open house self-expiring notice
  • Multiple pictures allowed
  • Mark your property as SOLD as soon as you sell it
  • YOU Control your listings at YOUR convenience!
  • NO software installation, nothing to download
  • Save your time
  • Save your money
  • Pay as you go, no contract, no risk... Take advantage now


You get the edge over your competition; don’t waste another minute with developers who aren’t working exclusively for you.

You can also take advantage financial incentives for referring other agents to our LMS and your first month is free.


How does it work?

  • Log in from anywhere, using your own username and password
  • Add listings with a single button. Simple!
  • Click on your listing to edit it. Easy!
  • [show] or [hide] your listings on your site with a single click.
  • When you sell your property, you can mark it as SOLD or delete it.


Monthly Cost

$40/month, first month free
Set up fee $40 - a new page has to be created in your site for your new listings area


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